It’s not on The Strip, but Herbs & Rye is one of the most popular restaurants in town. Here's everything you need to know about the beloved steakhouse

Today, we’re going to talk about Herbs & Rye. This Las Vegas steakhouse might be the best place in town to grab a delicious, perfectly prepared, and affordable cut of meat. 

Now, affordable doesn’t mean “cheap.” You do NOT want to come here if you’re down to your last few bucks. But, if you’re used to eating at big-name steakhouses on The Strip, you might be a little surprised when you see Herbs & Rye’s prices. If you really want to take advantage of a great deal, make a reservation for happy hour. I’ll give you the details later. 

First, let’s break down the location. Herbs & Rye is located at 3713 West Sahara. The major cross streets are West Sahara and Valley View. The restaurant’s reasonably close to the Strip; it’s about a ten-minute drive to the Wynn. The Phoenix, one of Sin City’s most popular LGBTQ bars, is practically next door.

You should be able to find the restaurant with no problem. The deep red Herbs & Rye sign blazing on a billboard next to the building will catch your eye before you drive past. Don’t worry about parking. The lot’s decent-sized, although the place is often packed. 

When you step inside the restaurant, it’s time to forget about the present. You’re not in modern-day Las Vegas. No, you’re in Sin City of old, the infamous haunt of the Rat Pack. From the rich wooden accents to the lively jazz playing in the background and the well-dressed servers, Herbs & Rye creates an ambiance of old-school glamor. The lighting is steakhouse-dim; you might need to use your phone to read the menu.

You already know the menu's stars. The steak cuts you can order range from a thick, juicy 18z ribeye to an 8oz flat iron. Dress up your meat with special sauces and additions. The bacon and blue cheese crust is particularly delicious- the bacon is plump and fatty, while the crumbly cheese adds depth of flavor. 

Vegetarians will do well here, too. The pasta menu’s strong enough to make you forget that you’re in a steakhouse.

You know how they say you don’t need a drink to have a good time? Well, I’m sure that’s true, but if you love cocktails, you’re missing out if you don’t order a drink at Herbs & Rye. The cocktail menu is INCREDIBLE. It’s two pages of classic drinks split into time periods ranging from The Gothic Age (1776 - 1865) to the Tiki Boom (!979 - 1989). Each drink is listed with a little blurb describing its history. 

Standouts include The Aviation, made with gin, maraschino, lemon, and creme de violette. This floral cocktail’s found in the Old School section. Or, you could try a Ramos Gin Fizz from the Golden Age, made with gin, citrus, orange flower water, egg white, cream, and soda.

Finally, let’s talk about Happy Hour. 

At Herbs & Rye, Happy Hour runs from 5 - 8 pm, and 12 - 3 am. This is where the steakhouse really stands out. Happy hour here means half-price steaks! A few pasta dishes, appetizers, and drinks are half-off as well. Ordering filet mignon for $30 at 2 am makes you feel like royalty.

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