The Lost Spirits Distillery at Area15 is an experience that has been described as “The Disneyland for liquor” by Wired Magazine

Lost Spirits Distillery at Area15 is an interactive experience and tour through a Victorian world. Visitors sip on top-shelf alcohol as they move from scene to scene of a circus, laboratory, distillery, and more.  

This was made for the curious and adventurous. 

When you visit Lost Spirits, you’ll be transported into a dream world set in Victorian England. When you arrive, you’ll be taken into the mystical wonderland on a rickshaw, and there’s no turning back. First, you’ll be taken through the distillery and the laboratory where all of the magic is made. Then you’ll be free to roam around the rest of the space while sampling drinks.

You’ll find yourself walking through old town streets, an interactive circus full of acrobats, the docks, on a submarine, in a lounge, a dark forest, and more! 

The tasting menu consists of drinks that are 90 proof and above. You’ll have the opportunity to enjoy five drinks served in different locations throughout the experience. These drinks are hard to describe, you’ll have to taste them for yourself! 

These tours can be up to 2 hours long. Tickets are available on Lost Spirits’ website and Area15’s website. Tickets start at $65 per person; everyone who visits must be 21+. The price of tickets includes a guided tour, spirit tastings, a live vaudeville show, and time to explore the other scenes in this mysterious world.
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