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Bulldog Liquidators on Tropicana Avenue sells legit brand-name furniture, appliances, and more for 40 to 80 percent off of the original retail price tag! They get deliveries of brand new items every week. The products come from all kinds of retail stores with overstocked goods and items that have been returned. Bulldogs guarantees that all items are inspected and tested before they are sold. 

Every time you visit Bulldog’s you’ll find something new. If you see something you like make sure to snag it because it won’t be there for long! Expect to find awesome deals on Shark and Dyson vacuums, space heaters, instant pots, couches, air fryers, Traeger smokers, the list goes on and on. They carry anything and everything that you could ever want or need in your home.

Warning: this place kind of looks like a mess at first glance; it may be a little overwhelming. Finding the gems may take some digging through bins, piles, and shelves, but the process of treasure hunting is what makes it so fun and rewarding! Make sure you don’t have somewhere to be and that you’re not in a rush; You should plan on spending a good chunk of time here.  

Bulldog Liquidators is definitely worth checking out before you drop tons of money on any new home items. If you’re a budget shopper, you will love this place! Make sure to visit and check back often to get the best deals. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much money you can save on goodquality items. 

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