What's more depressing than a summer without sunshine and recreation? Spending your vacation time at one of these low-rent excuses for a Vegas pool, that's what.

Binion's Rooftop Pool

Binion's Rooftop Pool

Swimming atop a 25-story tower should be a blast, right? Well, it's no fun looking down on everyone else when they're having a better time than you are. Staffed by surly employees with bad attitudes, the stark, scorching deck at Binion's rooftop pool is equipped with very basic chaise lounges, surrounded by glass barriers that magnify sunlight to make it unbearably hot. The tower's famous digital thermometer will remind you that you're closer to Hell than Heaven. It's unlikely that you'll be able to read it, though, thanks to sun blindness.

To access this big bathtub of blahs, guests must ride a creaky elevator located deep inside Binion's smokey casino. It's actually unclear who the intended guests are, as the hotel's tower has been shuttered for over a decade. Those staying at adjacent Apache Haunted Hotel and nearby Four Queens are granted the privilege to come here, but it's hardly worth the effort. There are no amenities to speak of, no bar service, and no dining available. Despite the excellent view, Binion's rooftop pool is barren, depressing, and a major letdown.

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