The Las Vegas Raiders gave fans quite the show in Week 2 of the NFL season

3. The growth: winning on the road

The growth: winning on the road

Can we just take a minute to appreciate that the Las Vegas Raiders won a game on the road after being given a short week by the league? They even managed a nine-point lead over the Steelers before the end of the game, meaning the defense knows how to keep a  game out of the opponent's hands.

This looks like a brand-new Las Vegas Raiders organization. There's just so much confidence in this squad! Not only was that evident by Derek Carr's reaction to throwing the go-ahead touchdown in last week's game against the Ravens, but also by how the defense held up on the road. This might actually be the Raiders' best chance in a long time of making a playoff run, and it comes after knocking out one of the most brutal legs of their schedule. Make no mistake. These are significant victories.

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