You should always tip to reward good service!

Gratuity tipping can be a tricky subject depending on where in the world you find yourself; however, in the United States tipping is highly commonplace and somewhat expected. Moreover, in cities whose economy is focused on the services and tourism sectors, as is the case in Vegas, tipping becomes much more important.

Most of the employees that we come across on a daily basis in Las Vegas, i.e. casino, hotel, resort, restaurant, or bar employees, earn modest salaries at best and rely on tips to get that extra boost that allows them to achieve a decent living.

This means that you should be mindful of tipping when you partake in the various services and attractions that are so readily available throughout the town.

A General Rule

A General Rule

The essential rule of tipping is that the tip you give should correspond to a service well rendered.

It makes no sense to give someone a generous tip if we have not received a quality service to start with.

Think of the tip as the recompense for a service given. 

Tips For Tipping In Las Vegas

Tips For Tipping In Las Vegas

Tipping In Casinos: We recommended you tip between $1 and $2 to the waitress serving you drinks. Tip your dealer a few bucks per hour of play. 

Tipping Your Valet: Anywhere from a couple of bucks to a crisp $5 dollar bill is an acceptable tip for the guy who got your car safely back to you. You may want to consider splitting the tip in two, one for drop-off and one for pick-up, in case you don’t get the same employee.

Tipping Your Driver: If you don’t have a car, you’ll likely be moving around town in a cab or Uber. Most folks agree that a %10 tip is the bare minimum you should aim to give these folks. Feel free to increase the amount if you feel it is well-deserved.

Tipping Your Waiter: Tipping your waiter is pretty much expected. You should aim to tip between 15% and 20%, as usual.

Tipping Hotel Staff: Maids and cleaning staff should get around $2 per day, especially if they keep your room clean and tidy. Las Vegas Porters expect $1 to $2 per bag, but feel free to stop after $5.

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