No masks required and 100% capacity on the Strip

Book your ticket now because the next few weekends in Las Vegas will be WILD.  You can now go mask-free inside Las Vegas casinos (as long as you're vaccinated).

This is massive news for Sin City. Strip clubs are open, social distancing requirements no longer exist, and you don't have to wear a mask unless you're unvaccinated or the business specifically requires it. Let the parties begin! 

The changes come after the CDC released new guidelines loosening mask requirements for people who are fully vaccinated. Everyone is still expected to wear masks inside medical centers, airplanes, and businesses that enforce a mask policy, but the vaccinated do not need to cover up anywhere else.

Earlier this year, Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak signed an emergency directive linking the state's mask policy to the CDC's. So, when the CDC changed course, the new rules became effective immediately in Nevada. 

Wynn Las Vegas was the first major Strip property to acknowledge the change. Unvaccinated casino guests are still asked to wear masks. However, vaccination proof won't be necessary. 

"The resort trusts guests to take the appropriate precautions based on their personal vaccination status," the Wynn said. 

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