The city of Las Vegas is probably the last destination that comes to mind when you think of planning a vacation on a tight budget. The seemingly endless number of high-end casinos, exclusive boutiques, trendy bars, and restaurants, give many people the impression that Sin City is a place to splurge and the least budget-friendly destination this side of the Pacific. However, you will be surprised at the vast number of inexpensive entertainment options available in Las Vegas.


Oddly enough, casinos can be your best friend if you are looking to hang out and have a good time on a limited budget. Don’t believe me? Just think about it like this: There are hundreds of casinos in Sin City, all competing with each other for your money. Their solution is to lure you by offering free attractions, shows, and drinks.

So if you want to hang out, have a few drinks, have some fun, and spend only a little money, casinos are your best friend.

However, Las Vegas has much more to offer the budget traveler than free drinks and crap tables. 

Check the following options for some fun, budget-friendly, attractions in Las Vegas:

All Motown the Hottest Motown Revue in Vegas


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