A supercharged version of the NY family band is roaring up-Strip. Here's why you should come along for the ride.

Westgate Has Been Offering Great Entertainment Since 1969

Westgate Has Been Offering Great Entertainment Since 1969

As Sin City's first luxury megaresort, Westgate Las Vegas has been home to some of the biggest names in show business. From Barbra Streisand and Elvis Presley to current headliners Barry Manilow, Jen Kramer, SEXXY, Soul of Motown, and George Wallace, Westgate has drawn countless thousands from every demographic to its two showrooms.

Opened as the International Hotel in 1969, Westgate takes great pride in its entertainment history. Icons from Sin City's golden era have walked the corridors of this resort, and the legendary "Elvis Suite" still exists atop its massive structure. Westgate's rarely-seen archives hold priceless treasures that yours truly was fortunate enough to study for a 50th-anniversary magazine article. 

In a time when so many Vegas hotels are downsizing their offerings and performers find themselves struggling for support, Westgate embraces and promotes its entertainment offerings as part of the family. Says Dawn Rawle, VP of Marketing and Entertainment, "This show is another great example of Westgate’s commitment to providing the greatest range of top quality entertainment anywhere in Las Vegas."

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